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Hepatic to us it is a particularly important organ, a lot of transaminase are secreted inside him, these transaminase can help us digest a fewForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Toxin, also can help us promote hepatic peristalsis, because this is hepatic the transaminase inside is elevatory, probable to our body meeting causes hepatitis, this time must take fall the food of transaminase, can you protect liver to fall so enzymatic what does enzymatic food have?

 Protect liver to fall enzymatic food

Protect liver to fall what does enzymatic food have

1, milk

At present medical bound does not have specific to liverish cure, only admirable protein can eliminate liver inside harmful and adipose, make liver cell renascence. Because this liver ill patient is daily,should drink two cups of milk, can alleviate illness. Drink milk to be digested easily, because the protein in milk is whole protein, its digestive rate is as high as 98% , butterfat fat is high quality is adipose, digestive rate is in 95% above.

2, firedrake fruit

Firedrake fruit besides containing rich albumin, still1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Have a kind of more special class status — cyanine element. Cyanine element is contained in the fruit vegetables such as grape skin, red beet, but with firedrake fruit fructification medium cyanine element content is highest, in the fructification that plants in red meat especially. It is had fight oxidation, fight the freedom radical, action that fights consenescence, return the repair function that can improve pair of liver cells.

3, grape

The much phenol that grape place contains kind material is natural freedom base cleared agent, have very strong fight oxidation active, adjust the function of hepatic cell effectively, resist or reduce freedom radical to be harmed to theirs.

 Protect liver to fall enzymatic food

4, egg

The egg contains some yolk element, lecithin, choline, right neurological with body development advantageous, ke Yizhi be good at head, improvement memory, stimulative liver rejuvenesce. The egg has a way varied, the absorption with respect to nutrition and digest will tell, the egg that boil is first-rate has a way, but should notice to nibble slow pharynx, meeting influence is absorbed and digest otherwise. EverydayShanghai noble baby

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Eat two eggs nutrition enough.

5, carrot

Stay up late for a long time, drink, overtime job or the person that take a large number of medicaments, burden of metropolis accentuation liver, and vitamin A is the important nutriment in liver originally, can help the rehabilitate of hepatic cell. Carrot contains a large number of carotene, the molecular structure of this kind of carotene is equivalent to the vitamin A of 2 elements, after entering airframe, inShanghai night net

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Enzymatic action is passed inside liver and small intestine mucous membrane, among them 50% turn a vitamin into A, have filling liver bright purpose effect.

 Protect liver to fall enzymatic food

6, tomato

Tomato has clear liver to fall igneous effect, in the meantime, tomato is the famousest refusing oxidation class status is eggplant red element, it can protect a cell to be not harmed, also can repair the cell that has been damaged, have prevent cancer and the effect that fight cancer. The β in tomato carotene and γ carotene, still can promote immunity force, prevent eyesight to degrade to oxidize with retina. Vitamin C and E, can destroy a cell in order to prevent freedom radical, prevent heart disease, help slow down ageing.

Protect liver to fall enzymatic food besides these, still know what to have, actually ah again good medicine is inferior to eating health is reasonably, what remind everybody even finally is, because smoke all the year round,liver injures very big reason is excessive drinking, haveShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The friends of this kind of habit must be controlled rapidly, strangle the illness in the cradle. Smoking is opposite not only oneself are bad, also be a kind of very great harm to the person beside oneself.

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