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If want to achieve favorable effect reducing weight, accomplish after reducing weight, do not rebound, reduce fat with respect to what need science, the effective method that adopts science is undertaking taking exercise, do not decrease fat to want to add muscle only, often can bring about oneLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Those who decide is sequential, can bring about for example muscle is used up between motion having oxygen, sarcous energy can use up more to wait a moment, effective training reduces fat, add effective force training to add muscle, additional plus dietary structure, this 3 person it is to be short of one cannot.

Do not decrease fat to add the consequence of flesh directly

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Do not decrease fat to add the consequence of flesh directly

1, games having oxygen uses up muscle

Motion having oxygen is longer spend campaign, besides the side you use up the saccharide inside the body, adipose outside, still can spend certain muscle amount.

Train through force, complement plus the nutrition in food, can help you fill the muscle of body prediction of a person’s luck in a given year come back.

Do not decrease fat to add the consequence of flesh directly

2, muscle can use up more quantity of heat

The muscle content of the body, can help you use up more quantity of heat, because maintain sarcous condition itself,waste energy with respect to need. The body with muscle high content, 24 hours are helping you use up quantity of heat.

3, force training won’t let you become hefty

A lot of people are fear of practice to get muscle too hairA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Amount to, similar the sort of strong and handsome figure, a lot of people do not like, especially girl.

Here should tell everybody a fact! Think practice becomes strong and handsome figure, very special and difficult, go up besides training should excelsior besides, return so that need a few remedy, use accurately of filling agent, New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Ability practice gets so big latitude.

Do not decrease fat to add the consequence of flesh directly

If you want to decrease fat to be about to calculate the basal metabolis of good yourself first really, notForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Like that you drill also cannot be decreased again more. And reducing fat also is to should do force to train. Otherwise you decrease fat to drop sarcous very easily solely. Recommend finish first force training is doing Hiit next. The most important thing! ! Want to control oneself mouth. Food can use field mint to calculate (the basal metabolis that includes you is worth probably)

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