E3: On September 19 ” Saierda: Dream of an island ” eve of news briefing of day of put on sale is divulged

The E3 news briefing that is apart from Ren Tiantang has the time that a hour is less than only, and Japan Yamaxun cannot be able to bear or endure already urgently it seems that, early gave off one of grand operas of this news briefing ” Saierda: Dream of an island ” news of day of put on sale, and up to now Yamaxun is without the meaning that deletes a page, should be sunset of real put on sale runs. Institute of the plan on the basis is shown, day area ” Saierda: Dream of an island ” price 8078 yen (516RMB) , already open makes an appointment, predict official on September 19 put on sale. Since the Ren Tiantang in the beginning of the year since straight face can announce this game, hold the post of heaven and did not leak more information, but Ren Tiantang assures to will give original the player ” contemporary imagine again ” delicate game picture, offerring what can admit is tall differentiate degree add brand-new element at the same time. Straight face meets Ren Tiantang be about to begin formally at 12 o’clock at 12 days of before dawn, us also will have press for a short while, pay close attention to please.

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