Ke Jie to battle alpha article of graph of chess manual of the 3rd bureau explains dog man-machine big fight complete edition

Login register Ke Jie of text of news of sports of center of news of the network austral Fujian does to battle alpha article of graph of chess manual of the 3rd bureau explain dog man-machine big fight to rectify edition origin: ? Zi is short thoroughfare?2017-05-27 15:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http:// c爱上海同城对对碰


Ke Jie is right battle alpha dog man-machine big fight although the first bureau lost half order only, however overall is not had get the better of machine; Although the 2nd bureau died big dragon, but maintain stalemate for long however. Investigate its reason, it is the first bureau Ke Jie is too sedulous, must go 3 – 3, dot 3 – 3, as a result the dot is over 3 – 3 be in inferior position, do not have the opportunity that turn over to end all the time. The 2nd bureau returns to nature, before the result half dishes are fast step all the time. Clean of the 3rd bureau stalking or branch suffers the effect of adversary no longer, trashy imitate chess and 3 – 3 it is well-advised, regression is done naturally from already, the go that be comprehended with oneself for years will challenge AlphaGo. Zhao Zhixun of legend Great Master is when the chess wind that comments on Wu Qingyuan’s Great Master, used nature to spread 3 words, ke Jie also is become have these 3 words. Jump over when reduc爱上海龙凤419桑拿

e force, of Chen Yaoye treat Gu, the fine hand of Li Shishi’s uncanny workmanship, gu Libo reachs the athletic battle of overall, li Changgao does not move mountainous half eye gets the better of everybody to have outstanding strong point, and Ke Jie’s strong point is natural, the advantage was gained nature, not need stands in cliff Bian Tulong or treat Gu.

Clean of man-machine big fight stalking or branch has not get the better of accomplishment

Foreword dish: Return to natural 上海龙凤论坛

Ke Jie to be trapped?

The 3rd bureau with 2 Lian Xing is small to the star eye, this is prevailing layout, be爱上海同城论坛

to say horoscopical weakness is 3 – 3? Be to say AlphaGo most be good at a dot 3 – 3? So I leave two to nod 3 – the opportunity of 3 gives you.

Black 7 form covert China flows, this hand chess is in early professional match has appeared, be not AlphaGo initiate.

White 12 perch are torn open 2 it is contemporary laxative remedy, always tear open in 3 previously 3 or tear open 2.

Black 13 it is the skill with unexpected AlphaGo, expect Bai Qi is blocked below, next bilateral each other is long, next Hei Qifei has outspread look. Ke Jie won’t be duped of course, white 14, 16 grab in wrong lower part attack.

Ke Jie is right battle alpha dog man-machine big fight chess manual of the 3rd bureau

Black 19 later, bai Qi to the left 4 small needles defend is common law, actual combat is white the method of 20 exists really, the turn is bad to say, dan Kejie really very active, he is likely apprehension goes late AlphaGo spends skill chess first right next horn are changed on the spot entirely.

Since Bai Qi does not defend, black 21 preexistence left gets benefit inevitable. Black 27 fly pressing is not absolutely on the offensive, although be blocked to fall by 2 tremendous, dan Kejie or preexistence are right next horn started work. Black 31 later Bai Qi is bad to answer, ke Jie is taken off simply first, white 32 touch AlphaGo of test of top right corner suddenly. Both sides formed changeover later, black just ate right next h上海千花网龙凤论坛

orn, bai Fangjing annexed right region.

White 40 fly the doubt that suffers the Dang Yifei that just became world champion this year, but think by 41 bits blacker horn is very impracticable, ke Jie also herein began to grow one’s deceased father.

The match has 55 hands, dang Yifei thinks to had formed the 2nd bureau not easily again face of in that way random war situation. Nie Weiping is more pessimistic, he thinks: Imperceptible in, feel Ke Jie was cheated by AlphaGO, medium his plan!

Outspread read: Ke Jie to battle alpha black of chess manual of the 2nd bureau presses down big fight of dog AlphaGo man-machine man-machine big Zhan Kejie is right on chess manual of the first bureau one page reads b上海千花网交友

attle AlphaGo related 1234 below one page: Clean of man-machine big fight stalking or branch is opposite an AlphaGo alpha conjugate of big fight of man-machine of 2017-05-27 of address of direct seeding of the 3rd bureau surpasses the dog combination of AlphaGo of chess manual Lian Xiao gets the better of Gu Li to assemble pair of 2017-05-26 man-machine big fight Sai Lianxiao + AlphaGo changeover battle

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