Country of new first phase is sufficient list of 25 National People’s Congress announce li of skin to nod arms new personality to have show

Be in inferior after coronal 1/8 final ends, the country is sufficient 上海夜网

advocate Shuai Li skin knocks the list of sufficient assemble for training of country of new first phase that decided 25 people, china is sufficient assist published this list early in the morning yesterday. Although most selected player comes from league matches to rank the club before leaning, but install Li Lei head to spend from Beijing country selected, in light of rich force Dui Xiaozhi, person and take one’s place in the ranks of in pairs of article of team Deng contain, lipibing won’t have blind faith in the player that comes from rich and powerful family blindly, those bodies lie in of downstream team ” a person with high aspirations and determination ” as long as ability is excellent and the attitude that keeps assiduous, enter t上海龙凤论坛

he skin in name commander in chief with respect to organic meeting ” law eye ” .

It is probably before a many week, the skin ever chose a countries of 25 new first phase to 28 people in sufficient assemble for training is awaited choose roll. He himself plans formerly at publishing list the day before yesterday, but because in raising, two exceed overnight team Su Ning, on harbor undertakes inferior coronal 1/8 final the match of the 2nd bout, plus there is a state ceaselessly before this the foot encounters accident injury, because of this li of skin the decision is watched in the spot af上海龙凤论坛sh1f

terwar, knock again decide final list. China is so sufficient assist just published list till yesterday morning.

Share 25 players to join group of sufficient assemble for training of anthology period country. Constant group depends on 7 people selected, continue to become a state foot the first transport large family. All and selected player comes from 10 clubs respectively, the Deng contain language that mixes besides Peking Man of the armour in coming from, carry on one’s shoulder Jiaweitesi outside the Zhang Yuning of the team, 23 players come from the others respectively 8 exceed a club in the home, that is to say, the club exceeds in having 8 additionally selected without the player. And 11 rounds of cases that surpass league matches to had ended from which look, besides Su Ning Dui Wuxi, 22 players come from the others respectively in before exceeding rank of short duration to list 7 team.

This period of list knock it is certain to appeared surely new idea. The country that enters li of skin general than if come from the Yu Hanchao of constant group,be being enrolled first is sufficient. In fact, the Yu Hanchao that is 30 years old is in li of skin the frequenter with sufficient country is all the time before taking over team, just nearly 9 sports season, he often is perplexed by injury. In this sports season initial stage, yu Hanchao restores to come over from inside pain gradually, in in super- show goal good fun repeatedly, get li of skin call is no wonder. The skin also says frankly in, “Yu Hanchao should become a of national group originally, his oldest enemy is injury ” . Another new idea is bringing team plum Lei, rich force at the country Dui Xiaozhi, Chen Zhizhao is advanced selected country is before long sufficient after 2 teams, this promote to a high office directly for covey member. Between them, li Lei is dye-in-the-wood new personality. Although the country installs a line,the expression of leg of the 1/3 before this sports season is like person meaning very much, dan Lilei passes diligent effort the position that firmly holds a country to install left back of group main force. This year only left foot player of 25 years old also did not calculate line of defense of substantial national sufficient Zun Lu to offer a new alternative for itself personnel reserve. Li Lei moves the place of li of skin still depends on him notting hesitate of force run and of sure grab ability.

Xiao Zhi has had the experience that enters sheet of national group name before this, this selected be about to the battle array of assemble for training that preliminary contest of world of go out for a battle is surpassing, this lofty center also calculates ” great minds mature slowly ” . Why does Xiao Zhi earn li of Pi Qing to look at,上海夜网论坛

data is best answer. Outer hold is extended each line transcends in holding below the circumstance of sharp edge line, this sports season has hit Xiao Zhi into 3 balls at present, lag behind only Wu Lei, at Han Chao platoon is in in exceed a list of names posted up of archer of native land player the 3rd. Chen Zhizhao is in rich force advocate handsome Situoyikeweiji ” beautiful football ” below guiding of train of thought, also send more in the play of this sports season ” beautiful ” , with him of technical be good at, will benefit a state sufficient in by thick lines to refine change.

In this period country team of sufficient assemble for tra爱上海龙凤419桑拿

ining in 25 players, although major player comes from the powerful group with outstanding achievement or team of rich and powerful family, but also there is no lack of among them the player of the best of its kind that article of contain of Li Lei, Deng manages team of league matches of rank middle reaches or low level personally so. The skin uses such choosing in excellent way to all and active signal is transmitted in the Chinese player of various league matches, want their oneself to have level of the fitness with outstanding due player, technology only, as long as they are dependable, assiduous, maintain ” ambitious heart ” , so such player finds those who enter national group likely ” a brick picked up to knock on the 上海千花网

door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success ” .

According to the plan, the country is sufficient will this month 4 days undertake assemble for training of new first phase in Guangzhou, in warm up of day and 7 Philippine teams one field hind, whole group will fly go to Malaysia, prepare for war the world preliminary contest of day and 13 Syrian teams battle of key of 12 strong competition.

Civil / our newspaper reporter is like blushing

Add list of national group assemble for training:

of approach of Feng Xiao Ting, Zhang Lin Pi , Huang Bowen, Gao Lin, Zheng Zhi, Ceng Cheng, Yu Hanchao, Wu Xi, Wu Lei, colour fine horse, king exceeds.

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