Tecent man as jade-like stone: Small letter won’t be read take memory chatting record news of heat of 8.15 finance and economics

Original title: Krypton star evening paper | Beautiful group is entered formally bureau share charge treasure; Sun Hongbin considers to change happy inspect a name; Tecent man as jade-like stone: Small letter won’t be read take chatting record

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Happy inspect a net to will enable new LOGO, sun Hongbin is considering to change happy inspect a name

According to money new report, on August 15, many internal postal matter appoints a running fire of Liang Jun of the happy CEO that inspect a net digital tall canal. Be in harmony achieves a department to enter happy inspect administrative layer. In addition, happy inspect a net to also will enable new LOGO, with happy inspect the LOGO that the department enabled in January 2016 to make divisional. Money new reporter from be close to Sun Hongbin’s personage to be in know, sun Hongbin is changing in the consideration even happy inspect a name.

After impawn equity financing, happy inspected a net to announce 6 big tall canals appoint again

36 krypton learn, on August 15, a running fire of the happy interior that inspect a net supports the announcement postal matter that platform human affairs constitutes 3 times about chief technology officer, senior vice president and business. Happy inspect a net to appoint Yuan Bin to be happy inspect a net to reach appear on the market systematic CTO, be in charge of appearing on the market in the round technology of each company product develops the system of the strate上海千花网龙凤论坛

gy make, technical direction research and overall planning, make and implement gross product technology decision-making etc, report to CEO Liang Jun. In the meantime, yuan Bin still is appointed to be president of limited company of the happy computation that inspect the cloud, the strategy that is in charge of company of the happy computation that inspect the cloud in the round plans to manage with operation. Wu Yazhou of CEO of company of the happy computation that inspect the cloud reports the work to CTO Yuan Bin.

Happy inspect send again new appoint: Zhang Zhao is happy inspect a net to appear on the market the system is presiding content official

36 krypton learn, liang Jun issues in-house letter again, appoint Zhang Zhao to be happy inspect a net to appear on the market the system is presiding content official (CCO) , responsible happy the global strategy that inspects content, self-restrained of ability make and the operation of content and member, report to CEO Liang Jun. President of the primary happy line of business that look a trace holds Zhang Zhao concurrently CEO post is changeless.

Happy inspect a net to send two again new appoint: Liu Xiaoqing is Shuai Xing of law Wu vice-president, Feng to be administrative inspector general

36 krypton learn, ministry of resource of the happy manpower that inspect a net issues in-house letter again, announce 3 new appoint: 1, appoint Liu Xiaoqing to be vice-president of Wu of the happy law that inspect a net, be in charge of planning as a whole in the round company method Wu supervises the work, xiang Le inspects a net Liu Shuqing of senior vice president is reported. 2, appoint Feng Shuai Xing to be inspector general of the happy administration that inspect a net, the integral program that is in charge of the administration system that builds a company and clerical work, fulfil, of all sorts of the design that includes administrative framework, administrative regulations systems build, perfect with action of innovation, administration carry out etc, xiang Le inspects a net Liu Shuqing of senior vice president is reported. In the meantime, bi Linlin of vice president of resources of the happy manpower that inspect a net and Xiang Le of Zhang Wei of the happy CFO that inspect a net inspect Liu Shuqing of network senior vice president to report.

The happy reissue that inspect a net appoints 3 times: Zhang S上海贵族宝贝交流区

huguang takes up the post of senior vice president to hold an editor in chief concurrently

Today, happy inspect a net to had given out 7 to appoint. 36 krypton learn, ministry of resource of the happy manpower that inspect a net just issues in上海夜网

-house letter, announce 3 again new appoint: 1, appoint Zhang Shuguang to be happy inspect a net senior vice president holds an editor in chief concurrently, the overall strategy program of operation of the responsible happy content that inspect a net, fulfil business index to reach, the job such as the management of personnel and organization. 2, appoint He Fengyun to be vice-president of copyright of the happy content that inspect a net, be in charge of combining market demand and company strategy, make the copyright buy such as drama of year movie and TV, net, put together art plan to ensure crucial project is finished, specific aim carries out copyright buy, just be built with copyright and safeguard relationship of good business affairs collaboration to wait. 3, appoint Zhang Yuan to appear on the market vice-president of systematic member business, according to company strategy with management target, be in charge of guiding big screen and shift to carry member and user operation group. 3 average per capita are reported to CCO Zhang Zhao.

Cruel clique: Predict before 2017 will do business in July income glides compared to the same period about 52%

Now, cruel sends a group to release announcement to say, the company is managed have no improvement, still be in continuously deficit condition, be based on pair of groups without items of an account of general management of examine and verify preliminary evaluate, cruel group group is Hongkong dollar about up to the business income July 31, 2017 2.716 billion yuan (it is 2.318 billion RMB about) , compare the corresponding period glided last year about 52% , and group liquid assets already was in debt under flow, pressure of debt of near future countervail is increased.

Big company

The Beijing of the fractionation that finish east financial appraise value approachs 60 billion yuan, already achieved balance of profit and loss first half of the year

36 krypton recently from Beijing east financial interior learns, beijing east finance plans at 5 years of time immanent A appear on the market, when appearing on the market, predict to will reach 100 billion RMB appraise value. Beijing east finance still plans to continue finance of bank of license plate of 5 pieces of finance, safe, negotiable securities, consumption mixes seek the individual signs a letter. Disclose according to in-house personage, beijing east finance is in the income first half of the year already exceeded the annual income last year this year, and had achieved balance of profit and loss.

Beautiful group is entered formally bureau share charge treasure, industry competition aggravate

” finance and economics ” reporter from share charge treasure is senior the personage is in know, the beautiful group in fokelore charges treasure has entered the market, specific enter urban information still unspecified, but had seen its figure in Qingdao, Shijiazhuang. Share according to charge treasure CEO discloses, beautiful group charges treasure is in small-scale test phase at present. ” finance and economics ” check to ministry of beautiful round public relations, the other side still not know the inside story. Yuan Bingsong of CEO of incoming telegram science and technology sends friend circle to say, enter as beautiful group bureau, share charge treasure enters businessman of the 2nd phase quickly to choose superfluous level.

The road appears: Wang Zherong boasts or drive Tecent season battalion to receive violent wind to rise 50%

Reuter says, the popular hand of Tecent swims ” Wang Zherong boasts ” active user number already amounted to day 80 million, be equivalent to whole Germany population, the quarterly battalion that predicts this will urge this company receives violent wind to rise nearly 50% . Anticipate on average of 10 analysts that according to Shang Sen the road investigates fully, 2 quarterly battalion of this company close will amount to 52.98 billion yuan (add up to 7.9 billion dollar about) , relatively the corresponding period grew 48% last year. Smartphone game income predicts to will surpass PC play first, nearly 30% what occupy this company total battalion to close.

The 2nd quarter increases 4 pairs of big strong fund of American at the same time the Libaba that hold A share

Show according to file of the 2nd quarter, 4 basically are in what the 2nd quarter bought Alibaba to developing fund orgnaization share. The say Danluobo of the king that defends the Appaloosa below peaceful handkerchief banner and Su Youyu time greatly among them is subordinate the range adding a storehouse of the company is the biggest at 3 o’clock. This quarter, alibaba’s share price rose 9.7% , and 500 indexes of standard general Er rise only 1.8% , index of IShares MSCI rising market rises 4.8% .

China rents a car 2017 first half of the year net 379 million yuan, glide compared to the same period 64%

Now, china hires a car to release up to stopped on June 30, 2017 6 months outstanding achievement. Gross income of report period in-group is 3.612 billion yuan, relatively the corresponding period grew 22% 2.969 billion yuan last year; Among them core business car rents income 1.739 billion yuan, grow 31% compared to the same period; Net profit is 379 million yuan, relatively profit of net of the corresponding period dropped 1.062 billion yuan last year 64% .

Small blue bicycle will go to sea American Xi Yatu

On August 15, respect of small blue bicycle tells 36 krypton, next companies will go to sea American Xiyatu. Putting in means still is to use jointly owned pattern, namely local operation business is in charge of operation, xiaola offers bicycle, brand and technology. Xiaola still discloses, initial stage puts in a quantity too won’t big, can put in one part to try operation, put in group by group again according to the circumstance next. Outside dividing small blue bicycle, rub do obeisance to, bicycle of Ofo, Xiaobai, actor does obeisance to bicycle to wait also overseas undertakes active dilate.

Tecent vice-president Ding Ke: Small letter won’t be read take, chatting record of memory small letter, and China for really the concept is different

On August 15, tecent vice-president Ding Ke expresses, china be is the company with particularly strong technology, also be national pride, overseas market is good. China to make this thing real intention it is good, say from the technology AI can be brought more efficient. But two companies concept is really different. Small letter won’t be read take, analyse chatting record. Ourselves is compared China to do this thing more easily, but had never done.

Tecent will sell insurance in small letter, 9 palace case should add fresh blood

Report of round-the-clock science and technology says, second half of the year will be in Tecent to insurance entry is offerred in the 9 palace case of small letter purse and go up this year line insurance product. Gold of rich nation of holding company of the 2nd big banking accuses Taiwan collaboration already was reached with Tecent before this. According to Tecent interior the personage discloses, still applying for license plate to superintendency orgnaization at present, the time that expects license plate already made time of the line on this product is later than anticipate. This personage still expresses, the content that cooperates this will not the money danger with safe and zealous Internet of bureau be confined to, still include Internet to change rate the risk of bigger birthday of a cake in domain of inferior, insurance.

Beijing east the plan opens luxury net to buy platform to contend Alibaba

According to ” wall street daily ” report, beijing east the plan shops in its the website opens a luxury to sell terrace, increase competitive strength thereby, with adversary Alibaba contends for consumer of Chinese high end. When Zhou Yi announces money of season of the 2nd money to declare, beijing east the plan that new platform relates before cloth opens CEO Liu Jiang Dongxuan, but did not show further detail.

Uber meets with Philippine order stop business a month

15 days of reports say Dow Jones news agency, because did not cooperate to suspend the superintendency requirement of new driver of invite applications for a job, uber meets with Philippine order stop business a month. Suspend doing business this indication actor pace and the conflict between Philippine superintendency orgnaization upgrade, and the traditional cab company that latter is trying hard to pacify harmony of application making a car to say this kind of service brings unfair competition.

Facebook plans to roll out the heat news of newer edition, resemble today’s top headlines a bit it seems that

TechCrunch of the intermediary outside occupying reports, facebook is planning to roll out heat news function in the App of mobile end, this function is located in in the more module of Facebook right lower part. Facebook is done so, mean a company to take the content function in gregarious media seriously more and more.

Telangpu inflicts heavy losses on again, intel CEO announces to exit committee of presidential manufacturing industry

According to foreign media the report says, intel CEO division is again strange local time Zhou Yixuan cloth exits Telangpu manufacturing industry committee, and he also was become inside a day the 3rd announces to exit Telangpu of manufacturing industry committee top class tall canal. With the division is again strange announce to exit at the same time still include silent to overcome company CEO Kennisi – Fulajier and Kevin of CEO of athletic brand An Dema – Pulanke.

The father of malic Swift language finds new job Gu Ge artificial intelligence and machine study project

According to report of foreign media TechCrunch, kelisilatena is pushing the author of Swift of malic programming language to go up especially today announce, the artificial intelligence that he will join cereal song banner to fall and cerebra of song of cereal of machine study project. Cereal song cerebra is dedicated at deepness study and artificial intelligence. It is dedicated still artificial intelligence is used in a series of products at the help, solve research and product compositive, cooperate with the Alphabet group that includes DeepMind inside.

Yamaxun issues most bond of 16 billion dollar: To buy collect of total eclipse supermarket endowment

Moody week shows, yamaxun plans to issue most bond of 16 billion dollar, plan market fund to buy total eclipse supermarket with this. Moody gives this to trade the grade of Baa1, look into Yamaxun’s credence grade to be moved to the front from stability at the same time. The front looks into grade to show the integrated hopeful of pair of total eclipse supermarkets is advanced smoothly, and AWS also will continue to grow and contribute not common profit.

Communicate can likely be bought by Ka Fuheng or Coke Cola be in harmony

According to Hong Kong ” economy tells news agency ” message, french food group is amounted to can be come out to become buy an object, be bought by Ka Fuheng or Coke Cola likely, and predict to trade can obtain French government to approve. Nevertheless, french government can prevent foreign competitor buy bibcock company of place in the past, ever the message said to amount to 2005 can likely be bought by 100 things coke, but bring about after French government moves trade fail.

Mcdonald’s will be entered be stationed in constant big all community, discharge of optional location of set up shop, guest is unchallenged

Constant earth produces group and Mcdonald’s (China) , in letter group signed agreement of long-term strategy cooperation, accordingly Mcdonald’s will open Mcdonald’s restaurant on the landed project inside constant encyclopedia limits. Constant greatly Mcdonald’s is preferential offer optional location. Both sides will use the condition of the respect such as capital of channel of each comfortable brand, dimensions, cost, network, industry and manpower resourc上海同城对对碰交友社区

e, have an advantage complementary. 5 years Mcdonald’s plans future to add 2000 dining room newly in home.

Sale of Taiwan IT company is successive 8 months grow

According to coverage of network of day classics Chinese, statistic of enterprise of 19 main IT sale will discover in July, total sales grows 7.1 % compared to the same period, successive 8 months achieve growth. When era is versed in company station accumulates electric sale, the biggest semiconductor lies between the world 2 months drop. Grand sea sale grows 7.5 % , obtain 315 billion money, it is the sale on the history a highest in July. In enterprise of one part component, the trial production demand of new fund IPhone produced positive effect.

Cast financing

Prawn of oily stew of Shenzhen loose elder brother finishs financing of nearly 100 million yuan of A annulus

Recently, prawn of oily stew of loose elder brother of brand of Shenzhen net red crayfish finishs nearly 100 million yuan of RMBs A annulus financing. Epicycle financing is gotten by day figure capital cast, annals clumsy capital follows cast, china peak capital is held the position of this second trade exclusive finance affairs is advisory. Current, oil of loose elder brother sells day of order to cut 6000 sheet outside stew prawn, inn of the door below line of division of its Hua Na 16, consumption of average per capita exceeds 200 yuan, only month battalion closes exceed 30 million yuan.

Development oneself immunity is infrequent disease is clinical new drug, apellis of biology pharmacy company captures 60 million dollar E annulus financing

Recently, apellis Pharmaceuticals of company of American biology pharmacy announces to already finished E annulus preferential a financing of 60 million dollar, get by Sectoral Asset Management cast, sofinnova, vivo Capital, f-Prime Capital Partners with cast. This capital will move oneself immunity with Yu Qi rare disease is clinical push forward of new drug APL-2 3 period clinical trial, use at cure clonic Morpheus sex disease of haemoglobin make water (PNH) .

Benefit reduces medical treatment cost with artificial intelligence, healthJoy captures 3 million dollar A annulus financing

The HealthJoy of newly established company that uses artificial intelligence to reduce medical treatment cost announces to acquire 3 million dollar A annulus financing, get by Chicago Ventures cast, social Capital, Sidekick Fund, Go-Health with cast. Disclose according to CEO Justin Holland, this capital will be used at outspread sale, service and engineering group, deepen t上海夜网论坛

he conformity with strategic partner, develop the function of artificial intelligence platform further.

Flying cure net obtains 40 million A annulus financing, the medical treatment that dig gold supplies catenary cloud to make the same score a -727379968 markets

On August 15, medical treatment supplies catenary cloud platform to serve net of Shang Fei cure to announce to finish financing of 40 million yuan of A annulus, investment just is Jing Yi share of provider of solution of whole of medical treatment IT and home investor of domain of some famous medical treatment. In the meantime, flying cure net announces, its platform already fulfilled main aspect of above of 200 2 class public hospital and autograph of platform of city of 5 ground level are entered about halt. Go up at present line hospital 60, supplier 3000, GMV is broken through 3 billion.

Current science and technology

Reduce amortize: MIT is rolled out be上海贵族宝贝交流区

based on the video of body drifting intermediary with contemplative AI to optimize a technology

Although shed media video to serve to had gained ground quite, but terminal user or the amortize problem that can encounter all sorts of accidents inevitably. Your bandwidth has satisfied even if far demand, still do not have practical solution currently. Come from Masschusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) computer science and artificial intelligence lab (CSAIL) group of a research, had made can settle the program of technology of nerve network artificial intelligence of this problem. This system is called contemplative pot (Pensieve) , network of nerve of its have the aid of will train his to answer all sorts of network states, transmit bit in order to choose a first-rate data to lead algorithm.

Sydney university develops zincic air battery, store n is ion of mobile phone lithium batteries is fivefold

The intermediary outside occupying reports, the chemical project researcher of Australian Sydney university and college of industry of Singapore Nanyang grain developed a kind to be able to charge zincic air batteries, this kind of batteries can replace lithium ion batteries probably in the future, use in the electronic equipment such as the smartphone. Zincic air batteries belongs to a kind of metallic air batteries, it produces electric energy through zinc in the oxidation in air. Be in as a result of the resource deposit of metallic zinc the whole world is very rich, because of the production of this kind of batteries cost wants under lithium ion batteries. Lithium ion batteries now is the commonnest in electronic equipment can charge one of batteries.

New product

New fund Apple Watch need not link IPhone to be able to come true communicate wait for a function

According to CNBC message, the new fund Apple Watch that the apple is about to roll out is a facility that runs independently, need not link with IPhone, can come true communicate wait for a function. Message personage says, specific release time to predict to be in September. Before, apple Watch needs to receive a short message to perhaps communicate through linking Iphone ability. But new fund Apple Watch is had even net and communication function, through inside embedded SIM card can come true.

Big border unmanned aircraft adds function of flight leaving a line, divulge to prevent data

Big border week shows, ask in American army its member out of service is great because of network blemish border after unmanned aircraft, this China will enhance the data security of unmanned aircraft without man-machine manufacturer. Big border policy and Shu Erman of Lundan of law Wu vice-president cloth express, this company will accelerate the deploy rate of a system, make an user OK sever the link with Internet in process of unmanned aircraft flight, make flight record, photograph or video cannot upload big border server.

Snapchat new function: Undertake notting have seaming video joining together with artificial intelligence

Snapchat is checking a new function that the name is Crowd Surf, come from the increasingly intense competition of Instagram in order to answer. New function can combine the individual video editing and rearrangement that comes from different user together, innovation goes the one not having that Duan Shichang exceeds 10 seconds to seam video effect. Crowd Surf is supported by the technology such as artificial intelligence and machine study. When a lot of people transcribe is same at the same time when field concert, this technology can be together the video joining together of different user, maintain frequency at the same time changeless, found effectively to be not had longly thereby seam video.

Suo Ni rolls out bioscope of cinema of number of laser of HDR function 4K

Suo Ni company announces to roll out cinematograph of 4K laser number familial new product. SRX-R800 series is new generation of Buddhist nun of first gather all alone former unripe 4K SXRD and light of macrobian life laser result from the bioscope product of a suit. In addition, technology of face plate of optics of SXRD of wide reputable reputable also undertook improvement, contrast achieved 10000:1.

Other and fundamental news

National post office: Countrywide express portfolio will grow compared to the same period in July 28.4%

National post office releases postal in July 2017 job to run a condition. Show according to publishing data, express of 1-7 month whole nation serves company portfolio accumulative total to finish 20.52 billion, grow 30.3% compared to the same period, business accumulative total finishs two hundred and fifty-seven billion two hundred and ninety million yuan, grow 27% compared to the same period. Countrywide express will serve company portfolio to finish 3.2 billion July, grow 28.4% compared to the same period; Business income finishs 39.17 billion yuan, grow 25.8% compared to the same period.

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