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The girl that loves the United States for the most part wants to have a perfect figure, and present people feels tighter to jump over the United States. So people is in hard reduce weight. Some people should be calculated first before have a meal the ability of quantity of heat of this meal eats, after if too fast food takes quantity of heat,going down, it is very adverse to reducing weight. Crayfish contains a lot ofrich protein, can you eating crayfish in the person that reduce weight so?

Reduce weight can eat crayfish

Is meeting having shrimp fat?

Quantity of heat is contained about in shrimp of every 100 grams 81 kilocalorie. The adipose content of shrimp is low, quantity of heat is not high also, in all flesh kind in, fish and seafood kind quantity of heat is lowest, and those who contain is not saturated fatty acid, edible is beneficial to the body. Alimental quantity of heat is very big degree depends on cooking means. The choice is steamed wait for cooking means, can makeNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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More low-level. If use the cooking means of deepfry, tall oily tall salt or butyric sauce, can promote the quantity of heat of shrimp.

If be hemp hot crayfish, it is advisable to eat less still. A variety of burden add up, quantity of heat but not low.

Reduce weight can eat crayfish

What person is unwellClose have shrimp?

1. is allergic constitution person

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Quick, can cause patient of dermatitis of irritability rhinitis, irritability to come on, so allergic constitution person it is unfavorable those who eat.

2. suffers from respiratory tract disease person

The person that has bronchitic, asthmatic patient does not suggest to eat langouste. Because these two kinds of disease are disease of a kind of irritability, when them edible hind can cause bronchus spasm, mucous membrane strut, secretion increases, 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Bring about spirit way thereby not free, breath is difficult, can cause even asthma and bronchitic.

Reduce weight can eat crayfish

3. dermatosis suffers fromA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Shrimp is the thing that sends wind, can make person this world enrages litre of hair, the faze inside empty fire, aid the poison inside the red outside be born, can cause the skin kind disease, so dermatosis person is unfavorable eat langouste.

4. eats Chinese traditional medicine person

Langouste is hair content, can produce reaction with Chinese traditional medicine, light person can weaken effect, the relevant composition in the meeting that the person that weigh can weigh and Chinese traditional medicine produces effect, the harm is healthy.

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