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Article introduction

Because eat super-cooling to live the matter such as hot food to period ignored or love, a lot of females are facing the worry of dysmenorrhoea, in menstrual advent phase, not only classics blood color is overweight, the painful sense that dysmenorrhoea brings also lets many females feel afflictive unceasingly, can try to boil brown sugar and oaten collocation together at this moment make brown sugar oatmeal, in-house to the body recuperation has the effect very much, so can oatmeal of edible brown sugar bring about body get fat?

Brown sugar oatmeal meeting get fat

Can be brown sugar drunk oaten eat together?

1, reduce cholesterol

Oaten it is a kind of low candy, tall nutrition, high-energy food. Beneficial lienal raise the sweat of heart, collect, effectiveness that reduces cholesterol. Nutrient value is higher, often match with brown sugar, oatmeal of make it brown sugar, it is good breakfast choice.

2, raise immunity force

Oaten contain a lot ofmagnesian, phosphor, Potassium, iron, pantothenic acid, copper, fiber and vitamin, can assist the disease such as remedial fatty liver, diabetic, constipation. Oaten still can improve human body blood to circulate, stimulative cut cicatrizations, enhance body immunity power.

3, promote digest

Oaten following rice is coarse food grain euqally, be digested easily by intestines and stomach, a lot of places regard staple food as wheat, oaten it is OK to be returned with brown sugar together make it all sorts of delicate mug-up, for instance: Brown sugar is oaten cake, brown sugar is oaten oatmeal of steamed bread, brown sugar.

Brown sugar oatmeal meeting get fat

The effect of brown sugar and action

Quality pleasant of lukewarm, flavour, enter lienal, provide good energy of life to enrich the blood, be good at the intention that acetanilide, invigorate the circulation of blood changes silt in lienal warm stomach, delay.

1. filling empty

A variety of monose such as the dextrose that contains in brown sugar, fructose and material of much saccharide energy, can quicken the metabolization of skin cell, provide energy for the cell.

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Brown sugar is weak to senile body, the person that heals at the beginning of a serious illness especially, still wonderful cure theory enters brown sugar of filling action; to be able to have fair treatment effect to hemal sclerosis, and cause the dentistry disease such as dental caries not easily.

2. enrichs the blood invigorate the circulation of blood

Can quicken the haemal circulation, composition that increases hematic size material of the folic acid that contains in brown sugar, minim, stimulate the hematopoiesis function of airframe, augment blood capacity, raise local cutaneous nutrition, oxygen, moisture to supply.

The woman waits for disease because of the dysmenorrhoea of be caused by of empty of body of catch a cold catch a cold or be postpartum drink some of brown sugar waterShanghai night net

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, have enrich the blood the action of invigorate the circulation of blood, when bellyacke of catch a cold catch a cold, shang Laiqu of ginger of commonly used also brown sugar is cold.

Brown sugar oatmeal meeting get fat

3. health care

The part that contains in brown sugar is vitaminic with electrolyte composition, can organize a discretion of certain material pH indicator through adjusting, the water fluid that balances cellular core condition metabolizes, remove cellular metabolization product, carry a cell inside, the cleanness of outer shroud condition. Shanghai night net

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Additional, contain in brown sugar a variety of vitaminic and fight oxidation material, can touchShanghai night net

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Fight freedom radical, rebuild and protect cellular baseA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Structure, safeguard normal function of the cell and metabolism.

4. protects skin

The some amino acid, material such as cellulose is contained in brown sugar, OK and effective protection and the fiber construction that resume cuticular, derma and lock water ability, aggrandizement skin organizes structure and skin flexibility, skin nutrition complements in the meantime, stimulative rejuvenesce.

Additional, the certain and natural acid that contains in brown sugar kind with pigment adjustment material, can adjust effectively all sorts of pigment metabolization processes, the pigment inside balance skin secretes distributinging circumstance of amount and pigment, reduce the unusual accumulation of local pigment.

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