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In dietary habit of the Chinese, eat via often can stewing various Shang Lai, this includes most common chicken broth among themShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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, people is willing to choose old hen more or black chicken comes stew eats, thisSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Appearance warms the boiling water that come out flavour is very delicious, and still have first-rate nourishing effect, suit the crowd that heals at the beginning of postpartum female and a serious illness to eat particularly, in other explicit life, via symptom of occurrence cold of regular meeting somebody, can the person drink chicken broth when catch a cold?

Can the cold drink chicken broth?

Can the cold drink chicken broth?

Chicken broth nutrition is rich delicate, a lot of families regard chicken broth as nourishing beautiful is tasted. But some people thought to catch a cold to cannot drink chicken broth, because of can aggravating cold, be really such?

In fact, the cold drinks chicken broth not only won’t aggravating cold, still conduce to alleviate cold1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Because chicken broth can restrain the inflammation inside human body and mucus effectivelyLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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excessive arises, conduce to those who reduce nasal cavity jamming the aching feeling with throat, the frequency of cough also can decrease relatively. And the research group of the university is in the Bulasijia inside the United States ” thorax learns ” also have on periodical announce, the antiphlogistic material that provides in chicken broth, what can reduce sore throat and generation of other cold place is unwell. Say so, although chicken broth is not the medicaments that treats a cold, but it can alleviate the symptom of the cold and the immune function that improve human body, the help treats a cold.

Can the cold drink chicken broth?

Chicken broth cookbook recommends 1: The yam chicken broth that stew

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Feed capable person: Farmhouse chicken 1, yam 1, medlar 1 small, green ginger, cooking wine, salt is right amount.

Practice: After chicken clears clean, chop becomes small, hillNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Medical flay cuts small, green ginger is abluent, ginger section, green is hit into green knot to reserve; The chicken that has cut piece in putting bowl, add full amount cold water, burn, cast aside go float foam; Join one spoon cooking wine next, put Jiang Pian green to written guarantee; Small fire turns after be being boiled, build, stew about 30 minutes slow; In adding yam pot, continue to build stew 10 minutes; Medlar uses clear water to rinse, open a lid to join, continue to build stew 10 minutes, open a lid to add salt to flavor can.

Can the cold drink chicken broth?

Chicken broth cookbook recommends 2: Xianggu mushroom chicken broth

Feed capable person: 1/2 chicken, 12-15 Xianggu mushroom, green, ginger, cooking wine, salt, gourmet powder is right amount.

Practice: Clear chicken clean, chop is agglomerate, float is very hot go hematic water, scoop abluent reserve; Xianggu mushroom bubble Gan Qudi of soft, abluent drop is opposite again cut; what had washed gallinaceous piece puts stewpan inside, join the condiment such as right amount water and green, ginger, cooking wine, lid of the boiler on the lid stews 40 minutes; Xianggu mushroom and right amount salt are put again after 40 minutes, after continueing to stew 20 minutes, move tasty essence, can edible.

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