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A lot of people in believing reality lives like to take convenient side. Really all sorts of convenient covers on market full of beautiful things in eyes, can say have everything that one expects to find. The occurrence of convenient cover accords with servents of fast rhythm life to drink the need that feed. But convenient cover belongs to a kind of insalubrious food, contain a large number of preservative not only among them, and if edible crosses much possible still menace,arrive human body is healthy. What harm does so commonly used and convenient cover have?

Does convenient cover have antiseptic

Confuse about 4 of bubble surface think of

Put oneself in another’s position of area of 1. bubble area adds a lot of antiseptic, eat much can you change mummy?

Code stipulates put oneself in another’s position of bubble area area cannot add antiseptic now, collect other way to prolong storage life more.

Add antiseptic to say about bubble surface, ” may be really a long time ago such, progress of food processing technique is very much now, need not fear put oneself in another’s position of bubble area area adds the problem of antiseptic. ” besides, feed medical office to be opposite according to defending blessing department at present the regulation of food accretion, put oneself in another’s position of bubble area area cannot add antiseptic, set a firm clearly, must indicate at wrapping mount accretion, it is clear on sauce makings bag to if have antiseptic,also be gotten mention expressly.

A lot of bubble surfaces are met with ” dehydration ” the technology adds storage life, for example high temperature deepfry can reduce moisture content namely, slow down food is corrupt, or it is to pass through evaporate, boil will achieve antiseptic result. Nevertheless, the noodle that high temperature deepfry handles, although won’t be come up against,become ” mummy ” corner, but must notice its oil content often on the high side, eat much may appear fat problem.

Does convenient cover have antiseptic

2. bubble surface adds chemical substance, does hepatic need spend detoxify of 32 days of ability?

Still have no evidence of puissant and scientific report at present this view.

Network place circulates no matter alexipharmic time is 30 days still are 32 days, all have no very puissant science to study evidence at present actually. Food enters system inside hind, if alvine path peristalsis belongs to whack, lie between a day normally but from eduction of excrement and urine, ” as to hepatic detoxify, the meeting after material is absorbed from alvine path passes liver first, can handle can handle immediately, procrastinate unlikelily, be like hepatic mishandle, just can accumulate within body. “

Although can remove alexipharmic doubt 32 days temporarily, still do not suggest to often take bubble side! Because bubble surface does not have enough nutrition, and flavoring often tall salt, tall oil, high quantity of heat, quite heavy taste, if want to eat a proposal to will flavor,the bag reduces an amount, add vegetable, egg, meat kind etc make nutrition balanced.

Can be the accretion inside 3. bubble surface brought about bald-headed?

Bald-headed as low as artificial accretion correlation, follow toxin of genetic gene, environment normally relatively about.

In the numerous scandal of bubble surface, still having an accusation is to be able to be brought about ” bald-headed ” . ” generally speaking, bald-headed compare with artificial accretion dependency low, drop hair and endocrinopathy, pressure to be concerned greatly for the most part. ” in addition, bald-headed still concern with the toxin that exposes in the environment, for example mercurialism, no matter be which kind of, the associated sex that all causes with bubble surface is inferior.

Nutrient division says: , generally speaking bald-headed have a lot of factor, and in light of the angle from dietetics, bubble surface and bald-headed correlation, more possible with ” protein absorbs inadequacy ” the appearance of shave one’s head to be a monk or nun that create is concerned. The nutrition of bubble surface special disequilibrium, cause protein easily to absorb inadequacy to produce shave one’s head to be a monk or nun, fingernail to fall off wait for a symptom, if,do not passShanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
Not be to illuminate 3 eat long-term edible, need not worry too actually can appear bald-headed problem.

Does convenient cover have antiseptic

4. attune1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
Flavour makings should be put again finally, can because the gourmet powder inside heats,you cause cancer?

No matter be from add quantity or temperature dug, do not need excessive concern to cause cancer.

The network still is circulating a kind of view, if join,point out flavoring centigrade in 100 degrees of boiling water, the gourmet powder of within will be degenerative generation carcinogenic substance, after because the water such as this need is warm,dropping a little, pour flavoring again. To this view, nutrient division thinks: After be being added first, add without too big impact! Basically the bases in gourmet powder ” bran amine acerbity natrium ” in also appearing in a lot of foodForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area
, for example the flesh kind, dairy produce, did not heat at present centigrade change of 100 degrees of meetings becomes carcinogenNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city
scientific evidence.

More after entering boiling water bubble area what is more,the rather that, water is warm can drop immediately, and gourmet powder just is usedLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a cityLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Render palatable, add a capacity very won’t much, did not arrive more need is particularly nervous, no matter from temperature or it is to add a quantity to look, point to the version that does not want excessive concern to cause cancer.

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