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Happy fruit is a kind of healthy and avirulent firm fruit food, many people are reducing weight or health care of preserve one’s health when can choose to eat happy fruit, the nutrition that because happy fruit is medium,contains a lot ofcan maintain place of nutrition of human body body completely to need. Pregnant woman is pregnant inchoate the food that should take great to the body good place more as far as possible, such talent are enough faster stable embryo resembles, can because this is pregnant,inchoate pregnant woman lie fallow with regarding happy fruit as fastfood?

 Pregnant is inchoate and OK eat happy fruit

Be pregnant can initial stage eat happy fruit

Happy fruit is a kind of dried fruit actually, its exterior craze has seam, low adipose, low energy, tall fiber, a lot of people make healthy food be in edible. Pleasant of happy fruit flavour is avirulent, lukewarm kidney warms gas is arranged in caustic of lienal, benefiting empty, attune, have the effect with embellish aperient bowel, conduce to airframe discharging poison. Be pregnant initial stage can eat happy fruit.

Pregnant woman eats happy fruit is good part to the body, happy fruit nutrition is rich, its contain a lot ofvitamin A and vitamin E and folic acid, also contain iron, phosphor, Potassium, natrium to wait mineral. Can enhance the constitution of pregnant woman, enhance airframe immunity power. In the woman of pregnancy constipation, eat happy fruit to be able to alleviate costive symptom. It is OK to eat happy fruit additional folic acid, folic acid also is having crucial effect to fetal development. So, bosomA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Pregnant initial stage eats happy fruit to be mixed to pregnant woman fetal have profit.

A lot of pregnant woman are pregnant earlier metropolis regards happy fruit as snacks will eat, although happy fruit nutrition is rich, its dietotherapy action can treat all dysentery, go air conditioning, treat a waist cold, shade kidney is frail. But cannot one-time many edible, can cause to the body instead so notForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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The influence of fine. Pregnant woman should notice food is used to, do not carry feed impartiality.

 Pregnant is inchoate and OK eat happy fruit

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What cannot pregnant initial stage eat

1, inedible fruit

Litchi, longan, easy cause have a bowel movement dry. Persimmon, easy cause bezoar. Melon of watermelon, Bai Lan, Hami melon, peach, easy cause diarrhoea. Pineapple honey, Durian, easy cause inappetence. Fresh Yang Mei, easy cause hydrochloric acid in gastric juice overmuch.

2, the beverage that cannot drink

Strong tea, coffee, carbonic acid beverage, cold drink

 Pregnant is inchoate and OK eat happy fruit

3, spinach

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Function, be become to do pregnancy to prevent anaemic beautiful greens so. Actually, tiebuduo is contained in spinach, contain a large number of oxalic acid however. Oxalic acid can affect zinc, calcic absorption. The content of the calcium inside pregnant woman body, zinc decreases, the growth with fetal influence development.

4, hawkthorn

Pregnant woman prefer has acerbity thing, hawkthorn became first selection fruit. Palace of hawkthorn two pairs has excited effect, pregnant woman surfeitForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Can make an uterus contractive, bring about abortive likelihood, friend should take less.

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